Interactive Content Marketing

  • Interactive Content on custom-built microsites and brand sites
  • Gamification, user-generated content, product interactivity and more
  • 100% turnkey from build to daily management
  • People learn by doing

Turnkey · Affordable · Performance-Based


Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing via the Zig Influencer Network
  • Believable brand content using 50,000 curated influencers
  • Social promotions, influencer competitions, product reviews and sampling
  • People learn from other people

Turnkey · Affordable · Performance-Based


KPI Driven Digital Media

  • More influence at half the cost
  • Always-On Optimization
    • Continuous budget reallocation in-campaign significantly raises performance for less
  • Learn & Earn Buying
    • Initially spend small and target wide...then invest fully in best ROI audiences when discovered
  • Direct Inventory Access
    • Zig buys directly from the digital ad exchanges...bypassing supply chain vendors who add nothing but extra cost

Turnkey · Affordable · Performance-Based


Zig Local

  • Hyper-targeted local media at half the cost
  • Programmatic digital and local Cable TV for less
  • Mobile/Social/Video/Desktop via direct buying from digital ad exchanges
  • Advanced geo-fencing, audience and retail zone targeting

Turnkey · Affordable · Performance-Based


Fresh & Focused

  • Helping restaurants drive traffic by influencing dining decisions where guests are searching
  • Interactive Content that informs and educates potential diners via gamification, user generated and product interactivity
  • Influencer Marketing that generates reviews, recommendations and restaurant information

Turnkey · Affordable · Performance-Based