Interactive Content

People learn by doing. Our engagement platforms enable consumers to be the active participants and co-creators they demand to exchange for their attention. Here's why they work:

  • Consumers refuse to be sold anymore...they engage in what interests them
  • Creative an interactive value exchange engages users 10 to 20 times better than static marketing content
  • Integrating the brand contextually with user interests via gamification, polls, quizzes and education drives higher brand engagement and product learning
  • Interactive content activates consumers towards a meaningful outcome

Influencer Marketing

People believe other people. The Zig Blogger Network taps into over 2,000+ blogger relationships to build user-to-user stories for brands.

  • We create better brand stories through genuine, believable messaging from trusted Bloggers to their readers...generating real purchase influence
  • Brands can join the conversation authentically...which is far more powerful than Facebook, tweets, hashtags and likes
  • The Zig Blogger Network offers a wide range of interest categories

Point-of-Purchase Mobile

Reach and activate buyers at the "shopping moment". Millions now shop and buy every day on their mobile device. Reach them more efficiently when they are most receptive to advertising.

  • POP Mobile is the new in-store signage
  • Activate buyers at the "shopping moment" when 90% are not certain of the brand they want and 33% ultimately purchase a different brand
  • Save money by buying directly from exchanges and publishers with 100% transparency
  • Continual optimization and speed to market trumps agency size in the world of biddable media