Interactive Content

Because people learn by doing, Zig goes beyond awareness and impressions and creates Interactive Content that drives business results. These engage buyers in participatory activities of interest around a brand's product or services. Through gamification, polls, quizzes, downloads, videos, etc., buyers learn why your product is better.

Interactive content drives business results

  • Increased sales and traffic
  • Higher top-of-mind awareness
  • Greater brand consideration
  • Better Net Promoter scores

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Because people believe other people, Word-of-Mouth recommendations are the most powerful selling tool in marketing today. Zig taps into over 2,000 bloggers to create recommendations that tell your product story and influence purchase. 

Our approach to bloggers is very different. We have 1-on-1 relationships with each. We do not pay them as shills or for product endorsements. We do provide them a very small nominal amount for their time and effort and ask them to provide their real, genuine opinion and experience using our client's products.

2,000+ bloggers in virtually every interest area

  • Food
  • Family/Mommy
  • Review & Giveaway
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • Health & Wellness
  • DIY

Mobile Moment Conquesting

People are only receptive to ads in certain moments. Mobile Moment Conquesting identifies these moments of decision to capture buyers when they are buying. 

Deliver 33% greater ROI

Key Mobile Moments

Need to know moments -- Consumers starting into their path-to-purchase seeking information, ideas and inspiration

Need to do moments - Users seeking help with how to do content is key for many in this moment

Need to go moments - Shoppers looking for a local connecting brands in the physical world

Need to buy moments - Buyers ready to pull the there with the right content to seal the deal.