Interactive Content Marketing

Ninety-percent of online content is ignored. Why? Shoppers want to be active participants and co-creators. In fact, they demand it in exchange for their attention. So while shoppers refuse to be sold, they will engage in what interests them…and ultimately sell themselves. Zig creates custom-built microsites and brand sites that engage and get shoppers to interact with your brand.

  • People learn by doing, so Zig employs gamification, user-generated content, product interactivity and more

  • 100% turnkey from build to daily management

  • Turnkey, affordable, performance-based



Influencer Marketing

People believe other people. They go to the Internet seeking genuine, believable information, reviews and recommendations from shoppers just like them. For over a decade, Zig has cultivated one-on-one relationships with over 50,000 B2C influencers. Via this Zig Influencer Network, brands can join the conversation authentically and believably.

  • Believable brand content using over 50,000 curated influencers

  • Social promotions, influencer competitions, product reviews and sampling

  • Socially more powerful than Facebook, Twitter, hashtags and likes

  • Turnkey, affordable, performance-based


KPI Driven Digital Media

Sixty-four percent of people think digital ads are annoying and disruptive. Over 615 million ads are blocked. Brands waste millions using digital like TV. Digital drives engagement, not awareness.

Zig makes digital work, more efficiently using a direct marketing model that creates more influence for up to half the cost of big agency buys. Tested and proven, we employ strategies big agencies just don’t have time for.

  • Always-On Optimization: Continuous budget reallocation in-campaign significantly raises performance for less

  • Learn & Earn Buying: Initially spend small and target wide…then invest fully in best ROI audiences when discovered

  • Direct Inventory Access: Zig buys directly form the digital ad exchanges…bypassing supply chain vendors who add nothing but extra cost

  • Turnkey, affordable, performance-based


Zig Local

For brands with market-focused stores, Zig Local delivers hyper-targeted media for half the cost of traditional ‘local’ buys. Using a combination of traditional and digital media, we target the highest potential buyers in retail zones. This eliminates waste while providing much higher conversions.

  • Hyper-targeted local media at half the cost

  • Programmatic digital and local Cable TV for less

  • Mobile/Social/Video/Online via direct buying from digital ad exchanges

  • Advanced geo-fencing, audience and retail zone targeting

  • Turnkey, affordable, performance-based



Fresh & Focused

Growing guest counts is hard. Traditional restaurant advertising and media are less and less effective every day. Using a combination of Interactive Content and Influencer Marketing, we help restaurants drive traffic. Through reviews, recommendations and interactivity, we influencing dining decisions as guests search for their next dining occasion.

  • Interactive Content that informs and educates potential diners via gamification, user generated content and product interactivity

  • Influencer Marketing that gernerates reviews, recommendations and restaurant information